How might we unlock spaces to bring back focus to the experience & company?

The inevitable reality of urban living is the constraint of space. From expert interviews we have conducted with various F&B(Food and Beverages industry) stakeholders, we have discovered that there is limited space for restaurants to accommodate service utilities (drinks/ cutleries/ vases/ serviettes e.t.c.) and for the diners to accommodate their personal belongings and paraphernalia. Diners do not enjoy meals on cluttered tables. Accommodating new dishes is difficult. In worse cases, tableware gets knocked over. Requests for waiter services increase.

Steward Smart Space Series is a range of smart furniture add on system that aims to serve diners better. They help relieve stress on waiters by reducing service requests, boosting efficiency. Through leveraging normally unused space around the dining context, we hope to push the notion of Spacing Saving, unlocking the Power of Space.

User-driven Design

Driven by a simple idea of creating space around the cluttered dining zone, we went to the drawing boards to create different possibilities that serves diners better. As part of the process, we reached out to users & stakeholders who ultimately inspired the purposeful touch points in the Steward series.

Let's Collaborate

Looking to customise designs to fit your needs? Interested in our series but looking for specific colours and finishes?

Reach us at studio@nok.design and we will get in touch with you shortly!

About Us

We are Nextofkin Creatives. As problem solvers & makers, we initiated this project to tackle space constraint in the F&B dining context. Crafting with quality and solving challenges with intent, we collaborated with different partners to validate and bring our ideas to reality.

We believe in harnessing design to create desirable and practical pieces that transform experiences, enhancing the quality of living in the urban context.